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As Illinois public adjusters, there are many ways we can help with roof damage and insurance claim representation.

From the point of damage to settlement negotiation, learn about our approach to making sure you are given a fair settlement.

initial roof inspection

Initial Inspection

It’s important to know where you stand from previous storm impact.

We research, detail, and substantiate damage to your home and belongings.

Why is it important?

Property damage can come in many forms.

You may have experienced severe damage from a fire, flood or a storm, but your home may have other indicators that there’s damage needing to be restored.

Things like missing shingles, water intrusion, and roof leaking.

If left untreated, these items may lead to bigger issues like interior leaking, structural rotting, or mold and mildew.

Problems like these may result in safety and health issues for you and your family.

What does it involve?

Our team will provide you with an initial home inspection – free of charge.

A 15-minute inspection by one of our licensed public adjusters provides what we need to understand the exact condition of your property.

If you have received damage from a storm, hail, flood, or fire, we will take pictures to document the damage, confirm if it is a covered loss, and provide our perspective on the best plan of action to restore you home.

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policy evaluation

Policy Evaluation

It’s necessary to know what is and isn’t included.

We evaluate your existing insurance policy to determine the nature of your coverage.

Why is it important?

As your advocate in this process, we want to ensure you get the appropriate coverage for your property damages while acting responsibly with your policy, avoiding any frivolous claims on your record.

To do that, it’s important to make certain you have a policy that covers any damages we would file for.

We work to ensure you have the right type of policy and that there are no exclusions that would prevent you from receiving the full indemnification from your insurance carrier.

We’ll help you understand the specifics of your policy and share how that shapes our next step.

What does it involve?

With a 5-minute overview of your policy, one of our licensed Illinois public adjusters will be able to tell you what your plan will cover and what to expect from the process.

If we find that your policy will likely cover your property damages, then we move to the next step of submitting a homeowner insurance claim.

If we find that your plan is limiting in helping you restore your property damage, we’ll walk you through the specifics of our findings and provide you with a few options to consider as your next steps.

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Find Out How We Can Help You With Your Insurance Claim

With years of experience and expert training, our adjusters fight for you, making sure your insurance company pays for the damage to your property to be repaired the right way.

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claim submission

Claim Submission

It’s essential to file your insurance claim correctly.

We prepare your information, document the process, and support your insurance claim submission.

Why is it important?

Having an advocate on your side that not only handles the entire claims submission process, but is well-versed in how to navigate the discussions with your insurance company, can make all the difference.

We handle the entire process for you, including filing the claim on your behalf.

We know exactly what to say to the insurance company to protect your property and to ensure full indemnification for your losses.

Our goal is to position your claim in the best possible manner, and of course, make this process hassle-free for you along the way.

What does it involve?

This part of the process starts with an agreement from you to give us permission to meet with your insurance company and speak to them on your behalf.

This agreement, in the form of a public adjuster contract issued by the Illinois Department of Insurance, gives us the legal power to fight for you.

We’ll spend time with you answering any questions you may have, talking through the next several steps.

Once we file the claim, you can count on us to coordinate an adjuster meeting with your insurance provider.

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settlement negotiation

Settlement Negotiation

It’s helpful to have someone representing your side.

We use our expertise to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on your behalf.

Why is it important?

It’s critical that your insurance company be held accountable for properly assessing the damage to your property and indemnifying you for any and all covered losses that you have received.

The insurance company’s job is to watch out for their own interest.
Our job is to watch out for your best interest.

You need someone who knows exactly what the insurance company is looking for, how to present the damage to them, and the best way to articulate policy language when assessing the damage to position you for full indemnification.

We work hard to make sure that’s exactly what happens.

What does it involve?

We’ll lead a 45 – 60-minute inspection or appraisal with your insurance carrier that takes place at your home.

You’ll never have to worry about dealing directly with an insurance adjuster, as we will always be present when they are conducting an inspection or appraisal.

We’ll walk them through our findings and advocate for the maximum coverage of your property damage.

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